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There are several volunteer roles that need to be filled for the next school year…PTA would love your help!

Community Service Chairs: The community service chair roles were newly formed by PTA last year in an effort to better coordinate external service opportunities at Ainsworth. This role coordinates various activities with the PTA, Ainsworth families and students aimed at giving back to the broader community we live in, including toy, food and clothing drives and volunteering opportunities with different organizations serving children and families in Portland.

Fundraiser Ad Sales Team: The PTA and Foundation are looking for a team of three very motivated people to help raise funds for Ainsworth through fundraiser ad sales and sponsorships. This is a 2 year position. The current Lead is willing to train you! Responsible for soliciting ads for the Garden Tour program, Holiday Home Tour program, Buzz Book and Red Ball program. Will be provided a spreadsheet of past sponsors and contacts who often repeat their ads every year. Most often other volunteers from individual teams will be available to assist with finding new sponsors. Will need to solicit for the ads, collecting the ads, collaborate with team graphic designer to make sure placement is accurate and collecting sponsorship fees. This position can be done primarily over email and during off hours. Past lead available to provide a smooth transition.

Buckaroo Carnival Cakewalk Lead:  Besides picking up the donuts on the day of Buckaroo, other duties include setting up the numbers in the auditorium, getting an announcer for each shift, finding three 5th grade volunteers for each shift to pull numbers, etc.

School Pictures Assistant:  Help photographer on picture day in September

Garden Tour (Spring 2019):  Needs Chair, Communications Lead

CPA for the PTA:  Are you a CPA? The Ainsworth PTA is looking for a qualified CPA in our community who is willing to file our tax returns for this year. We file in October.

For more info, please contact Jill Kulas, Ainsworth Volunteer Coordinator, at


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May 15 - North 45 Pub
517 NW 21st Ave., Portland

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