Carpooling via Get There Oregon

In collaboration with the Oregon Department of Transportation, Ainsworth Elementary School is using a new carpooling software called SchoolPool. This software is part of ODOT’s larger Get There program that allows Oregonians to compare commute options, find a carpool, track environmentally conscious stats, and more! Below are the instructions for how to utilize the program. If you have signed up in the past, your registration is still there. If you want to make changes, please log in to update your information. 

SchoolPool is housed within the Get There website. Families who opt into SchoolPool are asked to carefully read through instructions and use a computer (not smart phone/tablet). Because SchoolPool is part of the larger Get There program, it is easy to navigate outside of our Ainsworth SchoolPool community. You are welcome to find carpools for your work commute, but you do NOT need to disclose any of that information to use your household in SchoolPool for Ainsworth.

There are only two main tabs on the SchoolPool webpage. The first tab allows you to edit the household information shared with Ainsworth families. The second tab allows you to see a live map of your neighborhood with icons that represent other current Ainsworth families. Think of this as a snazzy, geographical school directory that makes connecting with current families incredibly easy! After creating your account, return to SchoolPool anytime by logging into the Get There website and clicking the orange school tab.

To create an account, go to:

If you need support setting up your account, go to the support button on the bottom right of the Get There website.