Green Team

Do you know Ainsworth has a Green Team?

The Green Team is the guiding force to support Ainsworth Earth Defenders! We represent our multicultural school community, families, administrators, nutrition services, facilities and members of the greater community. We are committed to environmental education and specific actions for a healthier and more sustainable community and planet. Our goal is to inspire and educate each student to make tangible choices and changes – at the school and in their own households.

In 2019, Vera Klebleeva (Sofia’s Mom) and Pam Stekly (Archie and Luchita’s Mom) became Co-Presidents of the Green Team upon completion of the Eco-School network training to continue the legacy of environmental stewardship started by previous parents and staff of Ainsworth.

2019-2022 Green Team Achievements:

  • Completed leadership training offered by the Eco-School Network, an organization of parents promoting sustainable practices and raising ecological awareness in elementary schools in Oregon. Kristin Morgan (Vannora and Rhyannon’s mom) completed this training in 2022 and, with her husband Rhys, rocked Earth Day!
  • Members toured other PPS schools to learn sustainable practices.
  • Participated in PPS school board meetings to advocate for and facilitate approval of the landmark PPS Climate Crisis Response Policy (the most ambitious environmental policy in the Nation).
  • Green Team became an official PTA committee.
  • Organized and led five environmental work parties called “Culture Meets Nature”. Here is where we take care of our outdoor classroom (Green Space between the main building and the annex) – removing debris, trash, and invasive plants. During this time together, we perform activities that explore how people from different cultures take care of nature and how nature is celebrated in different art forms like music, dance and storytelling. Can you believe that we had a harp and sing along under the rain in the Green Space?!
  • During the Covid pandemic, outdoor classroom materials were purchased and heavily used when instruction had to move outside.
  • The Green Team with the PTA helped celebrate Earth Day during the Spring Carnival. We celebrated that every Ainsworth student is an Earth Defender!

Did you know that some other PPS Green Teams struggle to receive support from administration or cafeteria personnel?

At Ainsworth we are extremely fortunate to have an environmentally conscious administration. We are grateful for the support we receive from Justin, our Nutrition Services representative and the Head Custodian, Jojo. Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Jenkins continue to amaze us with their dedication to environmental education.

How to get involved

Now it’s your turn to show your child that you care about Nature and lead by example! Please sign up today for any or all Green Team initiatives for this school year:

  • Culture Meets Nature” work parties in the Green Space this October, April or June! If you would like to help with our outdoor classroom or like to lead a “Culture Meets Nature” event, contact Pam at
  • Cafeteria Food Waste Reduction and Composting program! Please volunteer to help in the cafeteria here and/or contact for more information.
  • Earth Day Celebration 2023 next April! Sign up here to learn more or volunteer as more info becomes available.
  • Carpool In collaboration with the Oregon Department of Transportation, Ainsworth Elementary School is using a new carpooling software called SchoolPool. If you need to find or want to start a carpool, visit here for more information.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our grandchildren.” – Native American proverb